Here's a Great opportunity to Tick Off the bucket list

Spend the nights among our stars - Book a 3-night stay and the last night will be on us.

Indulge in the tapestry of a breathtaking carpet of stars while tracking the true stars of the bush who never miss an opportunity to amaze in their natural environment.

Book a 3-night stay and the last night will be on us.

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Stimulate your senses - Book a 4-night stay and only pay for 3.

A stay in the bush is a sure way to activate all your senses. While out on game drive, movement becomes less important as sight becomes the dominant sense tracking the Big-5 with a stop in the midst of an Elephant herd activating hearing as the low rumble vibrates around you and suddenly smell takes over as an Elephant bull in musth passes by majestically, and to round off the day’s experience, the taste of a sundowner drink prepared with a loving touch while watching the breathtaking African sun set.

Book a 4-night stay and only pay for 3.

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Cut out the noise, reconnect the family

Both Shumbalala Game Lodge and Waterbuck Lodge offer the perfect opportunity for a family getaway on an exclusive use basis. Offering an intimate occupancy of accommodating 10 guests at Shumbalala or 8 guests at Waterbuck . Game drives will be tailormade to suite even the younger guests, so they are not excluded. The day’s activities will become the focal point of discussion around the campfire before enjoying a family dinner to end off the perfect family day.

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An African bush celebration

What better way to celebrate the union of a relationship than being spoilt with lifelong memories of a honeymoon in the bush. One member of the bridal party will receive a 50% discount on their accommodation when spending 3 or more nights.

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