• “A Premium House of Brands”
    “A Premium House of Brands”
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Safari Lodges and Classic Retreats

Safari Lodges & Classic Retreats established early 2021 as a consequence of Covid-19 and the realities observed by smaller property owners to enhance their presence within a competitive market.

With various property owners raising concerns around their vested interest, Brand development and independence from Branded organizations to represent and market their product offerings. Discussions emanated around the establishment and requirement for an organisation who’s objective would be to augment individual property brands and offerings, resulting in the need for a “House of Brands”

Safari Lodges & Classic Retreats was formed with these agreed objectives as the preferred representative company to carry out the Sales, Marketing, Contracting and Central Reservations functions.

The collective properties, each having unique Premium offerings, giving Safari Lodges & Classic Retreats the ability to cross sell on one platform without valued guests and trade partners having to explore multiple sights to satisfy and exceed expectations.

Our Trusted House of Brand Ambassadors

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